Current River Die Sinking Inc.
100 Loyal E Hood Doniphan, Missouri 63935
(573) 996-7181

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About Us

By bringing together mathematical precision, artistry, and a dedication to customer service - we offer the very best in metal fabrication, general fabrication, and tool & die services to rise above expectation and provide the parts, tools, and products you need for your business. Whether we help you in crafting a manufacturing solution, or prototype parts, or repair machine items - we know you'll be more than satisfied with our attention to detail, our engineering, and our customer relations. No matter your industry, need, or specs - contact us today to get top-quality fabrication services. We offer shipping within the U.S. and pickup options for both local and out-of-area clients.

Get the affordable rates you want, with the professional level of excellence you need with Current River Die Sinking INC.

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